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Bim Specialist

A million darkness in all their glory succumbs to a flicker of light.

my dear,
your eyes is a fire.

PS: I love you too


BIM Specialist

With Love.
PS. I love you too

Welcome to my world, where blueprints meet boundless imagination. As a BIM manager living in London, I navigate the technical part of the construction realm- ensuring projects are successfully delivered across the globe. Yet, my heart thrives on creativity—I’m the author of three enchanting illustrated children’s books.

Join me on this journey bridging structure and storytelling.

BIM Manager

Driving Efficiency and Collaboration in Construction

Driving Success in Diverse Projects | Dedicated professional with a proven track record in architectural processes, BIM tools, and team leadership.

Join the Adventure!

Dive into heart warming lessons of friendship, kindness, and determination with these children’s picture books.

Join Rufus on his journey to Friendship and Gratitude alongside Purple Squirrel and their quirky friends