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Picture Book
In Friendship

Rufus has a chance meeting with a Squirrel, who was travelling back to his home called Friendship. He joins the Squirrel on this journey. A friendship developed between the two and Rufus learns the secrets of forming and staying in friendship.

Colouring Book
In Friendship (Colouring Book)

Based on the adventure in the original book ‘In Friendship’, the illustrations- featuring Rufus, Fiery Purple Squirrel and other animals would capture a child’s imagination and adults wanting to stay true to their youthful side.

Simi-Visits-Grandma-Book-Front page

Inspired by the folk tales of Western Nigeria, Femi created a captivating story of his own in this two-part book. It centres on the experience of a young girl from the city suburb meeting her grandmother in the village for the first time and climaxes with an engaging story set in Jalingo- a fictional animal kingdom.

If you are fascinated by fantasy, then you can’t go wrong by allowing yourself to be carried away into Jalingo as grandmother narrates the exploits of Ìjàpá, the courageous, brave but stupid tortoise who set his mind on upsetting the order of the animal kingdom.

Femi has drawn on his knowledge of the local landscape and has carefully combined words from the local parlance to create this engaging piece.

The is a joyous read for young adults and adults fascinated by this genre.

About Femi Osewa

Femi Osewa is a designer in the architecture and creative field. He is the owner of ‘Appymouse’ – a handy tool that has brought improved experiences for tablet users. Born and raised in Akure in Nigeria, he currently lives in London.

He recently embarked on a new hobby of woodworking and is working through the beginner’s lessons in guitar class.

Simi Visits Grandma (Folk Tales from Jalingo) is his first published work.
You can find him on Twitter and on Instagram @femmyextra

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